Asset tracking consists of tracking "permanent" items that a company uses internally, like hardware or tools. This is different from tracking inventory which deals with management of "temporary" goods that a company sell, distributes or consumes such as supplies or salable products. Touchtop computers offers complete asset tracking solutions that will help prevent loss, greatly reduce time spent looking for items and conducting asset inventories.

Asset tracking software benefits;

  • know exactly what you have, who has and where it is.
  • Quickly conduct asset audits using mobile computers.Easily generate your own asset tags
  • Schedule maintenance or services from your equipment.

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Asset Tracking System

Asset Tracking System keeps track of your Assets in the office and in the field.Managing your Assets is hard enough when they are in a building,but when those Assets are out in the field, this tasks seems impossible. Managing assets by spreadsheets can help but have proved to be error-prone and ineffective.

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